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Art of the Walk – Wall Murals

I have come to really enjoy walking around Jacksonville and coming across large art – really large – wall-size art! As usual, as I walk I capture these moments in my phone and enjoy them over and over again.   I have compiled quite a collection of late so thought I might share.  If you happen upon Jacksonville, Florida in your travels, maybe you will get inspired and go on a scavenger art hunt. I will assist you with your hunt by giving giving a clue about the general areas.  Some may be gone, as I have been capturing them for quite a while.

Let’s start downtown and the North Bank:

Now across the river – South Bank:

On to 5 points and Riverside:

On to Murray Hill:

And San Marco:

It is always a delight to come upon one of these walls, and admire the workmanship of the artists.  I also enjoy sharing my collection.  Should you have some to add, please include here.

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