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The Art of the Walk – European Style

I am in a wanderlust mood, so have been looking at photos from past adventures.  It appears that  I have been spending a lot of time, and walking a lot of miles in foreign lands.  With my Fitbit (high tech pedometer) on my wrist, I have explored Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.  Last year, my Fitbit logged an impressive 73 miles walked over the course of  a 17 day vacation.  I was quite proud of myself as I met or exceeded my 10,000 steps a day goal for 12 of these 17 days.  Go Team Mimi!


And, as I like to walk with a camera, when I find art, I capture the image for my collection.   Europe is the mecca for public (and private) art.

So much art to see…so much variety…so many styles…so little time.  Here are some of my favorite examples of modern art in not-so-modern places:







Spotting any art in your travels?  Post them here.


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